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A Brookline Day Adventure

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Originally published September 27, 2012 Every Sunday is a challenge for our family. As we’ve mentioned before, the days of us lazily spending our Sundays at home, perhaps vegging out in front of the … Continue reading

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Cooking with Kids

Fostering comfort in the kitchen – for everyone involved Originally published September 13, 2012 When Muffin and Squeaker first started walking around the apartment, I instituted a strict rule: no kids in the kitchen. This was primarily a safety precaution. … Continue reading

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Stop! In the Name of Science!

Getting Girls Interested in STEM from an Early Age Originally published August 3, 2012 With the recent death of Dr. Sally Ride, I have been thinking a lot about what science education was like for me as a kid and what … Continue reading

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Summer Scheduling Blues

Hot Fun in the Summer Time? When it’s not Raining! Originally published July 6, 2012 Since September, Muffin and Squeaker have been in a playgroup for two-year-olds that they have adored. But with the end of the month of June … Continue reading

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The First Cut is the Deepest–at least with hair. Originally published June 8, 2012  When Muffin and Squeaker were infants, people often commented on one specific feature–their hair. They were born with full heads of hair, and almost everyone who … Continue reading

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The Hows and the Whys

Curious children Giving George a run for his monkey Originally published May 11, 2012 Ever since Muffin was about a year and a half old, her favorite word has been “why.” She wants to know why things are the way … Continue reading

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It Was, In Fact, Just About Enough for Us

Changing approaches to Passover as the girls mature. Originally published April 12, 2012 Last year, Muffin and Squeaker were mostly oblivious to the changes that occurred in the house as Passover approached. This year, however, they were completely aware that … Continue reading

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Book ‘Em, Muffin and Squeaker!

Taking Already-Book-Obsessed Toddlers on their First Bookstore Outing Originally published March 16, 2012 This past Sunday was like a beautiful spring day, with temperatures in the low- to mid-50s, a rarity for early March. Michael and I decided relatively early … Continue reading

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The Escape Artists

Intrepid Explorers and Midnight Excursions. Originally published February 17, 2012 As Muffin and Squeaker have gotten older, Michael and I have reveled in the advances that they’ve made in language and dexterity. In general, the changes the girls have undergone … Continue reading

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Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

This year, the problem isn’t the snow, it’s the lack thereof Originally published January 20, 2012 It’s winter! And winter, of course, means snow! Or maybe not. As we mentioned last year, Muffin and Squeaker’s first exposure to snow was … Continue reading

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